How to Look Sensational at a Rave with These Makeup Ideas

It’s finally time to go to the big rave, and you’re so excited you can hardly sleep! The rave is all you’ve been thinking about, and you’re so ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow. If you want to make an impression, however, it might be best to take one last look in the mirror before heading out. One of the best ways to look sensational at a rave is with some killer rave makeup – if you do it right, you’ll get tons of compliments on your looks all night long!

Top 15 Makeup Ideas That You’ll Be Obsessed With

After you pick out your rave clothes and shoes and pack up your festival fanny pack, you need to complete your look with some fly makeup. If you’re looking for makeup inspiration, we have a few stellar ideas to help you shine, even at the darkest rave.

Neon Eye Shadow Powder

Neon Eye Shadow Powder

A neon eye shadow is among the best ways to make your eyes stand out at a rave. Pick a color that contrasts with your skin tone, and apply it with your fingers or a brush. Make sure that you apply the shadow to the center of your lid, then blend it outwards. You can use neon shadow to create a dramatic cat eye by applying it along your upper lash line. We have a variety of eye shadow powders that you can pick from!

Face stickers

The best thing about going to a rave is you can put on all your makeup and dress how you want to. You can get creative with how you want to apply your face stickers! They come in all sorts of shapes and designs, including geometric and glittery ones, and they'll help you stand out in the crowd. They're also easy to apply and remove, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. 

False Eyelashes

Getting long, voluminous lashes are all the rage today; wearing false eyelashes is the best way to achieve that look. If you plan on removing your false eyelashes at night, an eye makeup remover is necessary. There are a variety of lengths and widths of false lashes to suit every eye shape and even can be applied beneath the lashes! The easiest way to apply them is by laying them over the natural lash line from top to bottom or from side to side.

Temporary tattoos

At a rave, temporary tattoos show off your sense of style and personality. They are also very eye-catching and a lot of fun to apply. We even have temporary tattoos that match the theme of the party you're attending! Our collection includes an array of temporary tattoos, such as There are designs for everyone, including hearts, rainbows, flowers, glitter, and more. You can rock these awesome temporary tattoos anywhere on your body where they will show up best, such as your face or neckline, wrists, or shoulders.

Glitter Lip Gloss

One of the easiest ways to amp up your look for a rave is to go for a glitter lip gloss. A glitter lip gloss will make your lips look stand out, and it will be sure to make your lips shine with joy. Furthermore, it's very easy to apply and doesn't require any special skills. Simply apply the gloss and then sprinkle glitter on your lower lip. Pour a tiny amount of pot of glitter onto a sponge or small makeup brush. The more layers you add, the more intense the effect will be. Before adding lip balm, you must first coat the face with all of the glitters so that it stays on.

Black and White Tribal

Harness the elegance of black and white with the bold fierceness of tribal designs with this makeup idea. Tribal designs are typically easy to complete, and you can get creative using geometric shapes, lines, and dots to create striking patterns. One of the best ways to achieve a black-and-white tribal look is to stick with simple shapes and keep the design symmetrical. Don't be afraid to make thick lines and dramatic designs!

Silver and Gold Starburst

Looking for the best glitter rave makeup ideas? Glow like the sun with a silver and gold starburst makeup design. If you want easy rave makeup looks, this one is a breeze. Use silver and gold body paint, body glitter, eyeshadow, and lipstick to make your face shiny and dazzling all night long. This idea is perfect for daytime festivals and raves and gives you an ethereal and radiant look.

Gold and Blue Accented Cat Eyes, Gold Concealer

One of the best rave eyeshadow looks is the gold and blue cat-eye style with gold concealer. This look gives you sharp cat eyes that are sexy and mysterious. You can achieve this look with gold concealer and blue eyeshadow, creating a royal aesthetic so you can be the queen or king of the rave. To keep your rave makeup ideas simple, stick with two to three colors to keep things easy! Don't be afraid to make the cat-eye design extra dramatic!

Dark Galaxy: Rainbow Eye Shadow, Boho Face Paint, Glitter Brows

Capture the lustrous and sparkling aura of the night sky with a dark galaxy makeup look. If you want to try the most dramatic and colorful rave makeup ideas, it doesn’t get better than this galaxy aesthetic. This look combines colorful and elegant rainbow eyeshadow with glittery eyebrows for a striking and vibrant style. Add some boho face paint to complete the look, and you’ll be ready to slay at your next rave.

White Fairy Rhinestones and Face Paint

If you want delicate and heavenly glitter rave makeup looks, look no further than this fairy-like and dainty makeup idea. With white and silver face paint, you can give your face a glowing and celestial appearance. Add white rhinestones to give your look some sparkle and shine. If you want to include some color, consider wispy pastel eyeshadow that can bring a soft and subtle hint of color, like a ballerina pink or baby blue.

Pink and Purple Bubblegum Boho

For something playful and youthful, try this boho bubblegum makeup idea. Capture the vibe of an old Britney Spears music video with bright pink lips and vivid purple eyeshadow. Use Barbie pink and vibrant lilac to create a stunning and flirty aesthetic. If you want to incorporate more colors, you can use periwinkle or sky blue to add a cool-toned flair to this look. A bubblegum boho look is flirty and fun- perfect for bubbly and silly ravers.

Dark Sunset Eye Shadow, White Accents, Natural Gloss

This dark sunset look has a sensual and natural aesthetic that captures the beautiful colors of a warm sunset. With white accents that brighten your face, this makeup idea is elegant and modern while still warm and natural. Using natural gloss and warm tones, you can capture an artistic and organic vibe.

Natural Gold and Brown

A natural gold and brown look is one of the best rave makeup ideas for ravers who want to keep it simple. Using warm brown tones and glowing golds can make you look divine and otherworldly. While this makeup idea is easy to execute, it can still be dramatic and exciting. You can keep it subtle, using gold eyeliner and brown eyeshadow, or you can go all out and douse your face with shiny gold body paint and then sprinkle glitter. To kick it up a notch, incorporate gold rhinestones and stick-on crystals!

Starry Night

For easy rave makeup ideas, face stickers and rhinestones are perfect. With glitter body liquid and stick-on rhinestones, you can create a starry night on your cheeks and around your eyes. Start with a black or navy blue eyeshadow and create a dramatic eye look, and then go nuts with glitter and stars! Add crystals and stickers, so you twinkle like the night sky.

Black, Gold, and Silver Elegant

To create a sexy and elegant look, use black, gold, and silver eyeshadow and face paint. This style is sensual and stylish and will go beautifully with steampunk accessories. Using gold and silver with black accents gives you an expensive aesthetic that will make you feel confident and fashionable. You can use black more if you want to lean toward a dark goth-ish look or rely on gold and silver for a more metallic and lustrous style.

Rave makeup ideas

It does not matter what your style is, some makeup tips can help you look your best. Start a primer to help your makeup last all night long. Finally, choose bold and bright colors that will stand out under black light. Consider using metallic or glitter accents if you'd like something more subtle. Don't forget to set your makeup with a setting spray to keep it in place all night! The following tips will ensure you have the most fabulous rave makeover of your life, whether you have little time for preparation or plenty of time for makeup.

Where to buy rave party makeup?

You don't need to spend a lot of money on makeup for rave parties. Great products are available in our store. Browse our website and you'll see what we're talking about. We have all colors available in several varieties. They have more than just eye shadows! You can find glitter lip glosses, 3D temporary tattoos, and many more. You can make yourself feel fabulous on a night out on the town.

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