Rave Bandanas & Steampunk Face Masks

Another unique part of the rave attire is the rave masks and bandanas. Just like the French masquerade balls of old, rave bandana masks are fun to hide behind. They add a form of sophistication to your outfits and give you the freedom to let loose some raunchiness. In addition, they are fun to create and fun to wear so you can show off your style and express whatever from behind your rave bandana masks.

Another reason why people wear rave bandanas is that, due to the crowd, the atmosphere can get steamy and dusty. So, bandanas and masks serve as protection as they filter out some of the dust from festivals from entering your nose and mouth. Thereby reducing the chances of you spending the next few weeks hacking it up. With the new dispensation of Covid-19, using masks or bandanas as masks protects everyone at the festival.

When it comes to choosing style, sophistication, mystery, and excitement, steampunk masks are the perfect embodiment of these. All steampunk masks are created with a combination of historical elements and anachronistic technological features that are inspired by science fiction and human imagination.

As the name Rave or Sleep states, we sure know how to party and we know how to dress best for one. All our products are specially designed to make a statement. Not only do they accentuate your outfits, but they also give you the sophistication you desire. Also, they protect you from dust at festivals. Our Steampunk masks are perfect for any party. If you pair them with our platform boots, you go all shades of stunning.