Rave Festival Outfit Ideas for Your Next Rave

Thrilled to join a lively rave party? Adorable and unique outfits are a crucial part of club scenes and festivals. Raves are a kind of all-night dance festival that emerged in the United Kingdom and then extended to other nations in North America and Europe. What sets rave parties different from other standard party celebrations? Well, it is a wild culture, light displays, unique techno music or EDM, and more. What you wear for a rave festival depends on the type of event you are going to attend. 

What’s Rave Clothing? All you need to know!

Rave attires are quite a fascinating thing to sight. In the 80s, when rave parties became popular and mainstream, ravers wore loose and baggy outfits such as oversized shirts, tops, pants, and outfits that included different cartoon characters. Ravers in that era also adorned themselves with lollipops, toy chains, and other cute child-themed accessories. However, now, it has changed dramatically now. 

Rave outfits nowadays have evolved from loose attire to fishnets, bikini tops, booty shorts, and other sexy rave outfits. When it comes to amazing and cute rave attire, the less is more is always encouraged, and sequin and holographic are profusely available too. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s dive into some of the most popular rave festival outfits. Read on!

What to wear at the Rave festival and boost the fun?

Are you new to raves and confused about what to put on your body? Well, look at the master list of rave festival ideas to help yourself get out of the situation. Raveis all about going crazy, so you don’t have to go by any rulebook when it comes to rave outfits! 

  • Try Holo

Holo Costume

Rave culture is mostly about wild LED lights, so do not hold yourself back from getting reflective clothing or holographic attires. Your clothing will reflect lights all about you, rendering it super fun to dance on the floor. Add funk to your party and go crazy! 

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  • Grab an Adorable Rave Bra

Black Convertible Bra Top

Rave bra, what’s that? Well, these are cute bikini tops or bras that are personalized to fit the EDM/ Rave aesthetic. We recommend you get a bra with a sturdy and good fit, so you can dance and jump till your heart feels contented. In case you have got a larger bust, use tape. 

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  • Rave Bodysuits

Rave Bodysuit

Are you interested in Rave bikini tops or Rave bras? Why not give bodysuits a shot? Rave bodysuits are typically created with breathable fabrics such as mesh and typically have trippy/ wild prints or sequins on them. Are you giving this a try?

  • The Dark Body Paint for Crazy Glow

Dark Body Paint

Talk about Rave festivals, and miss the body paint? Not possible! Glow-in-the-dark body paint is better than the standard body paint. You can also grab glow-in-the-dark body stickers if you do not feel especially artistic and creative enough to etch fascinating patterns. With these amazing glow-in-the-dark body paint, you will appear super cool while dancing, particularly at night. 

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  • Try Face Jewels

Rave Face Jewels

To add to your fun at Rave festivals, face jewels, and funky makeup are a crucial part of the overall look. Ensure that you use adhesive glue that specially serves the purpose here and is skin-friendly. The jewels shouldn’t come off easily with sweat, so get a quality adhesive to stick face jewels. 

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  • Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

This is another sexy rave outfit that may also serve as a part of sexual fetishism usually done by men. Fishnets are mostly preferred and used as a kind of undergarment. Girls love to wear it to define their curves by applying a grid too close to the body, and it typically highlights the muscular definition of the wearer. 

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  • Kandi Bracelets

Rave Kandi Bands

When it comes to Kandi bracelets, you can never have enough of them. If you aren’t acquainted, Kandi bracelets are crafted from a barrage of neon colors. Also called friendship bracelets, they are extremely important to the origin of 80s rave outfits. Flaunt this beautiful accessory and attract new friends throughout the event!

  • Don Comfy Shoes: 

Rave Boots

Never make the mistake of wearing high heels to a Rave party or EDM concert, as probably you would be loitering through mucky fields. You can consider wearing platform boots or combat boots because they are sturdy and give you some extra height. You can opt for bold and dark tones if you are raving outdoors. 

  • Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack

Another thing you should bring to the rave festival is fanny packs. You would like to keep your hands free and go about dancing and swerving, so avoid having shoulder bags. A good Fanny Pack can hold many items for you, such as power banks, snacks, sunscreen, water bottles, your phone, and so on. If you want to go a bit further, you can also get a hydration pack to avoid running out of water. 

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Keep in mind that whatever rave festival outfits you choose should be comfy. One main objective of Rave festivities is that it is a zone where you celebrate your life and individuality without the fear of being judged. All your Rave outfit needs are covered by Rave or Sleep, starting from the 80s and 90s Rave outfits, EDC outfits, to modern funky ones. Grab the one that suits your personality!

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