About Us

Meet our team which is made up of music event attendees and admirers from all countries worldwide. Due to being fond of dance and music, we have been inspired to generate revolutionary looks and offer items of top notch quality and establish real connections with our beloved customers and music fans from all corners of the earth.

Rave or Sleep Logo

Our target is to supply a mix of massively unique items from brands that we truly backup and with you as our motivating force. We are firm supporters of the extension of the EDM family and that has empowered us to give to our clients the opportunity to demonstrate their unique look.

Our aim and vision is unique--to meet our client’s request to be different. In order to hit our target, we handle a dedicated website filled with clothes and accessories, thoughtfully picked to complete whole outfits for music events e.g festivals, concerts, performances, dance shows etc.

We keep on updating our range with new stuff from a host of providers from various countries. We are also selling directly on music event spots while giving a shout out to music groups, dance groups, artists, DJs and so on. Just tell us to start the party…

Our dedicated team is formed by experienced raver music fans and fashion authorities. With many decades of skill providing some of the creme de-la-creme clothing and accessory items in the field, our company continues to flourish in California. It’s no wonder we are style icons and authorities in the EDM family, always seeking out the very best in clothing and accessories for our buyers.

This is how we came to be--the unforgetable party in Ibiza with two friends joining us and Carl Cox the last night of the event. It was on a Tuesday night, 20th of September 2016 when we first seized the idea of starting something to offer back to the music community. From that moment, we’ve become familiar with the concept of offering the largest array of clothing and accessories to music fans across the worldwide net.

Even to this moment of development, we will never forget how it all begun during that unforgettable last night music party. And this is what drives us to give to you the most awesome garment and accessorizing pieces at a very affordable cost, while boasting the best customer support in the biz.

We all have our passion for music events in common and this is why we deem ourselves a suitable choice for all your rave looks.

Let’s party together. We will only require this favor from you--invite us to an upcoming music event in your region.

Don’t forget to follow us to get updates on new product launches, offers, free grabs, and some insider look ideas.