Sheer Mesh Dress - White - Rave or Sleep
Sheer Mesh Dress - Black - Rave or Sleep

Sheer Mesh Dress

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This Mesh Dress is perfect for a festival or the morning sun and stars. The high-waisted and stretchy elastic waistband will guarantee it stays up all day long. This lightweight skirt comes in black and white colors, perfect for any party!

From a distance, you'll be the girl who is the center of attention. Up close, they'll want to feel your ribs under their fingertips as you laugh with them—followed by some personal time alone once in a while. Sheer mesh catches all eye contact and sparks something that's uncomfortable for other fabrics and fabrics that seem innocent but hide much less than they tell. You don't have to wear any underwear with one of these dresses! Its sheerness lets you go "au natural" right at home!


  • Color: White/Light Green
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra large