Top 9 Tips For Rave Moms

Let’s all take a moment to silently appreciate all that rave moms do for us crazy party people at festivals. Thank you rave moms! If you are a rave mom or an aspiring rave mom, this is the ultimate guide for you!

Are You a Rave Mom?

Are you a rave mom? Whether you’re 18 or 58, you are a rave mom if you're the one who takes care of all your festival friends and acts responsible when everyone else acts crazy. Being a rave mom can be challenging, so we have some tips to help you care for everyone and still have fun.

Rave Mom's Tips for EDM

A rave mom’s EDM festival experience is different from everyone else's. Rave moms feel a responsibility to care for everyone in their group, which isn’t always easy. We have some helpful rave tips for moms and everyone else. Consider these rave mom tips and first rave tips!

Check on Everyone Frequently

Check-in on everyone in your group frequently to ensure they’re okay. If anyone in your group is enjoying some recreational substances, keep them hydrated and ensure they don’t get themselves in a bad trip or stressful state of mind. And for your sober friends, make sure they stay adequately hydrated too! Ask if anyone’s hungry or tired and head to the food stands or find a spot to relax accordingly.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Spot to Sleep

When the festival starts, it’s easy for people to get swept up in the excitement and energy and forget to plan for later. Ensure everyone in your group has a suitable and safe spot to sleep before the festivities commence. The tent and sleeping bags should be set up before anyone starts drinking or partying. Assign everyone a resting spot, so everyone knows they have a designated place. Otherwise, your friends may pass out in some unsavory locations.

Have a Meeting Spot

Designate a unique meeting spot where everyone in your group can gather if you get separated. It can be anything from a specific food spot to your tent to a weird pole in the ground. Just don’t choose a stage or general area as a meeting spot. It needs to be a very specific and relatively small space, or it may get confusing. You can agree to return to the meeting spot according to a schedule, or only use it for emergencies.

Track Each Other’s Phones

Most smartphones have a tracking feature that allows you to share your location with friends or family continuously. Before you even get to the festival, have all your group members turn on tracking capabilities. Ensure everyone in the group can track everyone’s phone in case your phone dies, or you lose it. Check that the tracking works before everyone separates.

Know the Schedule

Music festivals often have detailed show and activity schedules on their website or sent to you in an email. Study this schedule like it's your new religion. Ideally, print out the schedule and make a note of what shows everyone wants to see so no one misses any important shows. Knowing the schedule can also help you find a lost friend in the worst-case scenario.

Watch the Weather

Check the weather forecast on your phone and weather sites regularly leading up to the event. Remind your festival fam to pack appropriately, whether that means sunglasses and sunscreen, a warm hoodie, or a rain jacket. You should also monitor the weather throughout the festival to ensure everyone has what they need for the day. If the second festival day is going to be particularly hot, make sure your crew is extra hydrated and wearing appropriate clothing.

Spread PLUR

PLUR stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. It’s a common acronym in rave culture that encourages people to be kind to one another, and this should be your mentality as a rave mom! Don’t be judgmental towards your friends who may spin out of control and don’t yuck someone else’s yum. To be a good rave mom, you must maintain positive and welcoming energy toward everyone, not just the people in your crew.

Checking on Your Intoxicated Fam Like Clockwork

If you have friends who like to get extra rowdy, keep a close eye on them. You should check on your intoxicated friends as often as possible, ensuring they are well-hydrated and fed. Don’t let anyone wander off without letting a group member know, and try to keep everyone in pairs, whether they’re going to the bathroom or heading to a different stage.