The Ultimate EDC Packing List

Heading to EDC soon? Not sure what to pack? Don’t worry; we’ve created the ultimate EDC packing list, so you don’t leave anything important behind!

What Is EDC?

EDC stands for Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the most popular rave events in the US. These raves are held in places like Las Vegas, Miami, California, and other warm locations in the US. These music festivals typically last one to three days, and the brand Insomniac hosts these events. The festival features DJs, artists, and activities to keep ravers entertained for days.

What to Expect at EDC

If you’ve never been to EDC, there are a few things you can expect. You will do lots of walking, there will be lots of people, and the venue is likely huge. Take your time exploring the festival grounds to get a feel for the area, and be prepared to be thirsty and for your feet to hurt. And the crowds will likely be unavoidable. If one food option has a long line, the others probably will too; it’s just part of going to a festival. Don’t expect to be upfront and center for every show. Remember, EDC is a marathon, not a sprint.

EDC Packing List: For the Festival

You’re probably super excited about your upcoming EDC festival, but are you super prepared? Consider this your complete EDC packing checklist! If you follow this EDC checklist, raves will be more pleasant and memorable! If you’re wondering what to pack for EDC, all the answers are below.

EDC Tickets

First things first, you need your EDC tickets. Nowadays, most tickets are electronic, but if you’re given the option, it’s wise to print them. Printed tickets guarantee entry if your phone dies or you don’t have service. Send the tickets to everyone in your group and take ticket screenshots. You can never be too careful and prepared when it comes to festival tickets.

EDC Outfits

When planning for EDC, what to bring is a popular topic. It may seem obvious, but we want to remind you to pack all your cute and perfectly curated EDC outfits! If you have all your outfits planned, double-check that every outfit has all components and pack them safely. And it never hurts to triple-check!

Hydration Pack

It’s best not to rely on water bottles when going to a rave. Investing in a hydration backpack can help you stay hydrated and energized after hours of dancing and walking. Hydration backpacks can hold gallons of water that can last you multiple days.

Fanny Pack

Things at EDC can be hectic, so a fanny pack is an excellent way to keep your belongings safe and accessible. If you plan to carry anything more than your phone and wallet, a secure fanny pack is a must-have.

Neck Pouch

A neck pouch is another convenient way to carry your items. These pouches hang comfortably on your neck and can fit several items, like your tickets, phone, and wallet. They’re usually slightly smaller than a fanny pack.

Glitter and Jewels

Bring extras if your EDC look involves glitter, jewels, body paint, crystals, stickers, and other body accents! When you sweat and move around a lot, it’s more than likely your stick-on jewels and liquid glitter may come off. But if you bring extras, you can replace them and keep your stunning rave look intact.

Portable Phone Charger

Even if you’re going to EDC to disconnect from the world for a while, it’s still wise to keep your phone charged. If there is an emergency, you get separated from your group or need to reach someone; you need your phone. Outlets and power sources are not readily available at most festivals, so add a portable phone charger to your EDC packing list.

Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are specially designed to help water evaporate to keep you cool. EDC is a hot, sweaty, and crowded event, so cooling towels can keep you comfortable and dry on the dance floor or when baking in the sun.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

We know you want to curate an exquisite rave outfit, but uncomfortable shoes are a bad idea. Try to design your outfits to include comfortable walking shoes. If uncomfy shoes are essential to your look, bring an extra pair of sneakers or flip-flops for sore feet.


in the warmest locations, the nights can get cold. For example, the temperature in the desert of Las Vegas can drop over 30ºF from day to night. A cozy hoodie can keep you warm at night and double as a cool rave outfit!

Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

aves and festivals aren’t known for their impeccable hygiene facilities, so bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer to keep yourself as clean as possible. Baby wipes can be used to wipe off your body, removing sweat and dirt. And hand sanitizer can stop the spread of germs and ensure your hands are clean after you use the restroom, before you eat, or before you go to sleep.

Waterproof Blanket

hether camping at EDC or just spending the day, you and your crew will be glad to have a waterproof blanket. It can keep you dry and warm if it rains or act as a picnic blanket when everyone needs a break. And if you’re camping, a waterproof blanket can help you keep your tent dry and sleep well.

Things You Can't Bring to EDC

hen packing the necessary things to bring to EDC, it’s essential to know what you cannot bring. EDC events prohibit many items, like weapons of any kind, fake guns, pets, medications, drugs, and more. The list of prohibited items for an EDC event will vary from venue to venue. Some venues are more strict than others. For reference, you can read the list of prohibited items at Las Vegas EDC on their website.