Rave Outfit Ideas for Women

If you need rave outfit ideas for women, you’ve come to the right place. Many women pride themselves on curating a beautiful style in their everyday life, and the stakes only get higher when you’re planning an outfit for a funky rave. The rave outfit ideas women can use for inspiration are abundant, but if you need help styling certain pieces, consider this your complete guide!

What to Wear to a Rave: Outfit Ideas

If you have a dazzling piece of rave clothing or gear but need help when pairing it with other things, this guide can help. Check out hot rave outfit trends and the best ways to style them for your next festival or party!

T-Shirt Dress

A t-shirt dress is one of the comfiest and easiest rave trends. An oversized t-shirt makes for the perfect rave dress, curating a casual but trendy look. It is a happy medium between an uncomfortable strappy outfit and a boring t-shirt with leggings.

How to Style It

Styling a t-shirt dress is simple because there are many possibilities. You can cinch it with a belt to accentuate your figure, wear a sheer t-shirt dress with a patterned bikini or underwear set underneath, or make it edgy with fishnet stockings and combat boots. Stay true to your style, and don’t be afraid to accessorize a t-shirt dress.

Mesh Shirts

One of the hottest rave trends right now is mesh tops. Mesh tops can be t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, or any other silhouette. They’re a sexy style perfect for men and women! Some are skin-tight, creating a sexy look, while others are loose for a more comfy and casual style. They can also have patterns, an iridescent fabric, or a plain color.

How to Style It

The possibilities are endless when styling a mesh shirt. Most women wear pasties or a chic bra underneath to create a modish layered look. The mesh shirt you choose will impact how you style it, but most people pair it with jeans, jean shorts, cargo pants, or something else simple. These shirts are a fashion statement on their own, so they don’t need fancy bottoms to shine.

Fun Bottoms

Fun bottoms are just as fun as they sound and come in many styles! Whatever your rave vibe is, there’s a pair of fun bottoms for you! Some are sheer flared pants for a glittery style, while others have a more heavy cargo aesthetic. Fun bottoms range from simple patterned pants to innovative designs that make people notice you.

How to Style It

Fun bottoms are usually a statement on their own, so you can pair them with a simple crop top, t-shirt, or bodysuit. If you select a bulkier pair of pants, consider matching it with a tiny top to balance the silhouette, and vice versa if you buy tight bottoms. Try to match your shoe style to the fun bottoms, so cargo pants work well with combat boots, and flare pants look best with sandals or dainty sneakers.

Rave Bodysuits

Practically every raver owns a comfortable and sexy bodysuit. Rave bodysuits are perfect because they stay in place through all the dancing and sweating but are super hot and trendy. And the designs are endless, ranging from strappy and industrial to shiny and futuristic to trippy tie-dye.

How to Style It

Bodysuits combine beautifully with many women’s rave outfit trends explained above. Wear a vibrant bodysuit under a sheer t-shirt dress, or pair your skimpy, strappy bodysuit with your billowing fun bottoms! Keep it casual by wearing your bodysuit with jeans or by itself to show some extra skin.

Sequin Skirts

Sequin skirts are a flirty and sparkly rave trend for women. Sequined skirts can use massive sequins for a chainmail-type design or small strands of sequins for a dazzling burlesque style. They come in all colors and sizes, from full-length to barely there booty skirts.

How to Style It

Styling an audacious sequin skirt is effortless, as the skirt is typically the focus. You can often buy sequin skirts as part of a two-piece set with a sequin top to match. But if you buy the skirt alone, it pairs well with bandeaus, bodysuits, or bras. Don’t choose a top or shoes that will clash with the skirt, as it should be the star.

Rave Harnesses

Rave harnesses bring a sexy and edgy element of bondage to your rave outfit. They can create a chic and strappy look that is trendy and daring. Surprisingly, ravers find these harnesses very comfortable while adding a cheeky and spunky element to your fit.

How to Style It

One of the most popular ways for women to wear rave harnesses is over a saucy bodysuit. You can combine leg and bra harnesses for a comprehensive harnessed look or opt for one over the other to keep it more refined. Some women wear them with nipple covers and a thong, but they can also go over long sleeves and fun pants.

Kandi Bracelets

Kandi bracelets are a staple accessory at any rave. They’re those playful beaded stretchy bracelets that ravers often exchange with one another and wear in bulk on their arms. The bracelets are supremely colorful with a fun childish element that matches the free-spirited energy of the best raves. They can say cute things or have people’s names.

How to Style It

The friendly and playful nature of Kandi bracelets means they can go with every outfit, from fairy queen to steampunk mistress. However, if you’re obsessed with Kandi bracelets, you can use them to inspire your whole outfit. Wear super colorful and patterned items that match the beads of your Kandi bracelets.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights and raves go hand in hand. This rave trend has been around for a long time and likely isn’t going anywhere. Fishnet tights have open, diamond-shaped knits, so you can see much of the skin through the tights.

How to Style It

Because fishnet tights are an accessory, they can go with almost any rave outfit. Fishnet tights are a brilliant and edgy addition if you plan to wear a skirt, dress, booty shorts, bikini, or anything else that shows off your legs. Even pants with openings can be elevated with fishnet tights.

Fanny Packs

Some people may condemn fanny packs as an accessory for dorky tourists, but the rave community has reclaimed fanny packs as a convenient and trendy way to carry your belongings. They are small bags on a strap that can go over your shoulder or around your waist, making all your stuff easily accessible.

How to Style It

If you have an inconspicuous fanny pack, you can wear it with the wildest and most outrageous outfits you want. But if you own a patterned or holographic fanny pack, curate an outfit that either matches or complements the fanny pack.