13 Rave Outfits, Bodysuit Ideas, and Inspiration

Looking for rave bodysuits ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

Selecting the ideal bodysuit for your next festival or rave can be challenging because there are many stunning styles to choose from.

We can help you create the perfect rave outfit with the bodysuit ideas and inspiration below!

Strapped In

A trendy rave look to emulate is the strapped-in style that features bands, harnesses, and leg garters. If you want to create a sexy and bondage-esque style that is alluring and powerful.

There is an endless supply of strappy bodysuits and plenty of accessories to enhance the look. You can pair a strappy bodysuit with fishnets, leg garters, or a fabulously sexy rave harness.

These outfits are surprisingly comfortable, making it easy to rave all day and night without wanting to change! Wear chunky combat boots with a strappy bodysuit, or just wear your favorite sneakers!

Neon and Nasty

Raves are often energetic and colorful places, so neon is a common and appropriate style many ravers love. From bold pink to bright green to vibrant blues, neon colors are a brilliant way to express yourself at a festival and stand out in the crowd.

These neon bodysuits have a funky and clean look that is perfect if you want to cultivate an audacious and playful aesthetic. A neon rave outfit can focus on one neon color, or you can find bodysuits with different-colored panels to create a stunning contrast.

If you don’t want to go overboard with accessories or fancy shoes, a neon bodysuit is vivid and exciting enough that you don't need anything else!

Holographic Hottie

Holographic rave outfits are super hot right now, and it’s a fun trend to hop on. Holographic clothing is a superb material to wear around the lasers and strobe lights at raves because your outfit will light up!

You’ll shine in every picture and light up the dance floor. Holographic bodysuits pair well with basic outfits and futuristic accessories. You can find long-sleeve bodysuits that are perfect with cargo pants or a mini-skirt. Or you can show more skin with a skimpy holographic bodysuit over a pair of funky tights!

Metallic Maven

If holographic bodysuits aren’t future-forward enough for you, you can kick it up a notch and wear a futuristic metallic bodysuit. A modern metallic bodysuit can help you curate a stunning style that will make heads turn.

You’ll feel fierce and powerful in one of these futuristic bodysuits that pair well with unapologetic and funky accessories, like laser sunglasses or fingerless gloves.

While festivals and raves used to have a boho, flower-child vibe, people are moving toward more futuristic and vibrant looks! Be the most fashion-forward raver at your next event with a shiny and chic metallic bodysuit.

Goth Goddess

If you love an all-black look, one of the best rave outfits for women is a goth goddess! You can combine all your favorite black rave clothing items and accessories to create a bold and unapologetic goth aesthetic.

Match a modern black bodysuit with black accessories and shoes that give you a moody vibe. When curating a goth goddess look, you can wear a bodysuit alone, with tights, under cargo pants, or a black skirt. The goth possibilities are plentiful!

A goth look can be futuristic and hardcore, or you can create a softer goth look with sheer components and flowy materials. You can also curate an industrial goth look by adding accessories and items with zippers, metal loops, and leather components.

Wild Animals

Bring out your inner savagery with animal print bodysuits that are fierce and striking. You can incorporate an animal print bodysuit into an otherwise edgy and sexy outfit, or you can go all out and turn yourself into an animal!

You can wear a cheetah print bodysuit, add cat ears, and paint whiskers on your face to complete the look!

Turn yourself into a slinky, freaky snake with a snakeskin bodysuit that beautifully highlights your figure and makes you feel confident and fearless. Or take on the persona of a more gentle creature, like a beautiful zebra with a black and white zebra bodysuit!

Freaky Fishnets

In case you didn’t know, ravers love fishnets! Fishnets have a simple sexiness that can make you feel empowered and erotic. If you want to increase your hotness, adding fishnet tights to any bodysuit is brilliant.

But if you want fishnets to be the star of the show, you can wear a fishnet bodysuit that uses the same open diamond weave. You’ll feel confident and sexy in a fishnet bodysuit that highlights all the right parts of your figure and shows the perfect amount of skin!

It’s also easy to layer with fishnets, adding a colorful top underneath a fishnet bodysuit or a vibrant harness over it.

Laidback Tie-Dye

Tie-dye will always have a home at raves and music festivals, but you don’t have to wear a boring tie-dyed t-shirt with an unflattering silhouette.

You can rock this trippy and eccentric style with a tie-dye bodysuit! The best part about tie-dye bodysuits is they’re insanely easy to style! They can be the star of the outfit, so you can pair them with anything from sparkly tights to mom jeans to cargo pants to leather skirts and anything in between.

The only thing to avoid when styling a tie-dye bodysuit is clashing patterns and colors, so try to match the colors in the tie-dye design!

Glamorous Glitter

It’s likely impossible to go to a rave without seeing sparkly girls and bedazzled ravers. Glitter, crystals, sequins, rhinestones, and sparkles are insanely popular at raves and festivals because you can glimmer and glean in the sun and still shine on the dance floor when nighttime comes.

You can wear a slinky sequin romper with cutouts or a plunging glittery bodysuit that shows off your booty. The supply of glittery bodysuits is endless, so you can create a strappy, sparkling vibe or crank up the sex appeal with a skimpy sequined bodysuit that shows off your body.

Glittery bodysuits can have fringes and other features, delivering a classic showgirl vibe that will make you look like a beautiful burlesque dancer. Get your shine on with a glittery gleaming bodysuit.

Boho Beauty

If you want to stick to a more relaxed Coachella vibe, there are plenty of boho bodysuits to wear. Boho bodysuits have a free-spirited and colorful vibe that is perfect for anyone who identifies as a flower child.

These bodysuits feature intricate and mesmerizing designs that are perfect for a music festival but will also be fun to wear for a casual night out at a bar. Boho bodysuits look amazing with oversized jeans, plain tights, or a maxi skirt, increasing the flowy and eccentric vibe.

Lusty Leather

Leather bodysuits radiate a powerful and alluring aura that is irresistible. You can wear a form-fitted leather or vinyl bodysuit that will make you invincible and dangerous, like a sexy Kill Bill vibe.

You can harness biker gang energy with a shiny black leather bodysuit or try something more modern by choosing a colorful leather bodysuit that is bold but softer than traditional black leather.

Pretty zip-up bodysuits can look stunning with a strappy bra underneath or with fishnet tights to add an erotic and edgy element. Nothing looks better with a leather bodysuit than heavy combat boots!

Stars and Stripes

A red, white, and blue striped bodysuit is a simple and stunning way to show some love for America. This rave outfit idea is perfect for a rave or music festival around July Fourth or another national holiday.

The America-themed bodysuits range from more modest one-pieces to skimpy and sexual styles that show some extra skin. Pair these looks with chunky white trainers or slip-on boots. Mom jeans or bulky cargo pants create an All-American and classic look with the wild and free spirit of a rave!

Read It and Weep

If you have something to say, you can find beautiful bodysuits with printed words and phrases! You can express your sass and attitude with talkative bodysuits that say things like “Baby” or “I’m Cool” and other phrases that are edgy and slightly ironic.

Some bodysuits with printed words are sassy and funky with a bad-girl vibe. Others are more refined and eccentric, with small drawings and cryptic words that will keep people guessing!

You can pair these bodysuits with skirts, booty shorts, or pants, but they’re an excellent statement piece that can stand on its own with a pair of fishnet tights and clunky boots.

Choosing a Rave Bodysuit Look

When settling on a rave bodysuits look, stay true to your style!

These rave bodysuits ideas and inspiration are just suggestions, so you don’t have to follow the styling tips exactly.

Raves and festivals are about expressing yourself and being free, so get creative!