Rave Sunglasses: Hottest Trends of 2022

Rave sunglasses have been an essential part of EDM culture since the 1990s, but in the past few years, they’ve exploded into mainstream fashion. If you’re going to your next festival or EDM show, chances are you’ll see at least a few people rocking these awesome glasses. Here are some of the hottest trends of rave glasses that you can use to rock at your next party.

Trend 1: Gradient lenses

Heart Shaped Gradient Lens Goggles

With advancements in technology, it was only a matter of time before gradient lenses were reintroduced into designer raver glasses. Gradient lenses fade from one color to another, allowing wearers of glasses more choice in how they want their lenses customized. However, because these are still new on store shelves, many choose not to spend extra money on them and opt for regular clear or smoke lensed glasses instead.

Trend 2: Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

The kaleidoscope is a stunning and intricate piece of art, and you can now bring it with you every day when you wear these futuristic glasses. These stylish pieces of art are sure to dazzle onlookers everywhere as they show off your next festival outfit. Plus, these EDM glasses are sturdy enough for vigorous dancing. Not only will these rave sunglasses protect your eyes from bright lights, but they’ll also protect them from prying eyes while you enjoy your festival’s after-hours events.

Trend 3: Futuristic frames

Futuristic frames

We’ve seen a lot of different shapes, styles, and embellishments on sunglasses—from oversized to celebrity-inspired, but futuristic frames are definitely a sign of things to come. With space age-inspired shades from Ray-Ban that feature out-of-world designs and futuristic metal rims, these EDM glasses will compliment your glitter and neon best. If you’re looking for something not quite as expensive but still trendy and fun try some holographic glasses or LED rave glasses.

Trend 4: Oversized silhouettes

Oversized silhouettes

The rave scene is no stranger to flashy colors and patterns. Oversized and brightly colored clothing will be a major fashion trend in 2022. Even if you’re not rocking out in front of thousands of fans, oversized raver glasses are a stylish way to add color to any outfit. And they’re more practical than sunglasses because they don’t require an extra pair of hands—or pocket space—to hold onto them during a concert or festival.

Trend 5: Rimless shaped sunglasses

Rimless shaped sunglasses

If you are going to a festival or rave, chances are you want a pair of glasses that aren’t in your face. It’s time for a change and it is also time for something new. This is where rimless-shaped sunglasses come into play! They have clean frames and make you look cooler than ever before. You can try different shapes such as triangles, rounds, and even a butterfly frame.

Trend 6: Heart-shaped frames

Heart-shaped frames

This heart-shaped design brings a touch of romance to your rave-wear. With strong, edgy frames and lenses, these rave sunglasses give you full UV protection while maintaining maximum coolness and style. If you’re looking for glasses that won’t obstruct your view but will still be fashionable, get a pair of heart-shaped frames.

Trend 7: Studded detailing glasses

Studded detailing is popping up everywhere, and it’s about time we started incorporating that trend into our accessories. You can wear your studded glasses with anything! They’re fun for a concert, festival, or EDM party; they’re also super chic during a warm summer day. We love how these designer rave glasses make any outfit pop. And if you have an event coming up, these are a great way to accessorize—especially if you’re going all out on your outfit. Plus, since they come in so many different colors and styles, you can find something that fits right in with your vibe!

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